Sunday, September 7, 2014


Join us for an afternoon tour of three Mount Pleasant art spaces on Sunday September 14th. Non-CASV members are also invited on this tour. 

The tour starts at 1pm, and will last approximately 3 hours. Below are the three spaces that we will be visiting. Meet us at the Burrard Arts Foundation on Broadway for 1pm. 

See you there!


BAF Studio was opened in April 2014 in conjunction with the launch of the Burrard Arts Foundation.  The gallery exists to promote and exhibit innovative and engaging contemporary art in an environment that is open and accessible to all.  BAF Studio has a special focus on providing assistance to promising and qualified emerging artists through professional support and development opportunities, providing resources that may not have existed otherwise.  

Along with our formal exhibition schedule, BAF Studio also hosts public programming and events, making it a great venue for the community to come together and share in the Arts.

In 1999, LaTiesha specialized in Northwest Coast Native Art while completing her Bachelor of Western Art History at the University of British Columbia. During this time she became an Art Dealer specializing in Northwest Coast Art. It is this combination of experience that influenced the genesis of the Fazakas Gallery. A gallery that embraces cross cultural contemporary works. 

Field Contemporary was founded by Daniel Jefferies in October of 2013. Situated at 17 West Broadway, the gallery was conceived as a space to promote critical artistic thinking and understanding and where local contemporary artists are able to correspond with international artists. Committed to furthering Vancouver’s visual cultural identity, Field wishes to lend the opportunity for success to emerging artists and curators. The first exhibition 
Outside A Marble Palace took place from April 25th — May 24th, 2014 and featured new work by Vancouver based artists Vanessa Brown & Deirdre McAdams. This is now the gallery's fourth exhibition, featuring work from San Francisco artists David Bayus and Evan Reiser and Los Angeles artist Ben Sanders.