Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Geoffrey Farmer Studio Visit - Sunday 23 Nov/o8

The CASV had an exceptional turn-out to the Geoffrey Farmer studio visit Sunday, Nov. 23/08. Geoffrey generously opened his home to our 30-odd attendees who were given a tour of the house (a cleverly and minimally renovated 1970's cottage) and the garage studio with sunken concrete floor based on Roman bath-house architecture. Geoffrey spoke of his affinity for the legacy of contemporary art in Vancouver, his experiences mounting installation-based exhibition at institutions such as the Tate in London, England, and about the importance of experience in his work. Geoffrey feels that his installations are moving towards an even more theatrical position than in previous work, and to facilitate this intention, he has recently incorporated 3-d imaging techniques to prepare for exhibitions, and computer programming to invisibly control the "stage performance" of the installation.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Every think to yourself...gee, I wonder what cool art things are happening today?

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Preview the Gallery Guide is a great overview and a paper-based publication you can pick up at any local gallery. Subscriptions are available to have it delivered directly to your door. The Georgia Straight also does a great job of publishing art events on a weekly basis.

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