Thursday, April 22, 2010

Holly Ward - The Pavilion Closing Party - April 30th 8pm

The Langara College Centre for Art in Public Spaces invites you to join us for The Pavilion Closing Party with artist-in-residence Holly Ward. Come and celebrate with music from DJ Magneticring and experimental music by Von Bingen. The CASV recently did a studio visit at the Pavilion with Holly.

Date: April 30 / Time: 8pm-12 am

Location: The Pavilion (Langara College front lawn, 100 West 49th Avenue) Von Bingen is a system of biological/metaphysical transference where the internalization of exterior inconsistencies (flute, synthesizer, guitar, and organ) produces an immutable sensory distortion in the onlooker. Licensed practitioners include Jenni Pace, Joshua Stevenson, Daniel Presnell, Richard Smith, and Scott Gubbels, whose investigations have been captured on a 33rpm long-playing record issued for sale by Amen Absen recordings. Von Bingen live demonstrations in the boisterous halls of Cascadia have left audiences spiritually ill, causing one spectator to candidly remark, the future's obsolete.

The Pavilion is a project by artist-in-residence Holly Ward. Symbolic of difference and utopian thinking, The Pavilion is a geodesic dome intended to serve as a catalyst for speculative thinking and artistic experimentation. Learn more.